Two-year-old program


Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings; 9:15 - 11:45 a.m.
Maximum 12 children. Children do not have to be toilet trained.

The "learning through play" program for children aged two is very much social and emotional. Routines and transitions are moulded and taught. Children are not expected to share effectively or to take turns. They are guided closely as they develop social skills.

There is a strong language development component to our toddler program. They practice communication with adults and peers, and are immersed in rich language.

Program experiences are often tactile and kinaesthetic by design, allowing children to explore the environment using their senses and to engage in hands-on experiences.

Music, movement and fine art are daily components of the program. Gross motor play, including outdoor play is offered daily.

Toilet learning is modeled and washroom routines are frequent and flexible.