General Registration - 2018/19

General Registration Information

We are continuing to accept registrations for the current remaining year for classes that have spaces available. Registration forms must be completed online and submitted along with a $50 non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee can be paid online using Paypal or a credit card.

At Springhill we offer flexible and part-time enrolment. You can choose the number of eligible days your child will attend.

During the school year, registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and filled until classes are full and then placed on a wait list. Please contact our Registrar if you have any questions regarding availability.

Requirements at Springhill Preschool

Two-year-old program
• Children must be two by December 31, 2018.
• Children do not have to be toilet trained.

Three-year-old program
• Children must be three by December 31, 2018.
• Children must be daytime toilet trained. “Daytime toilet trained” means the child may wear diapers/pull-ups for naps or at night, but is toilet trained the rest of the time.
Please note: If your child is not three years old as of September 1 of that year, you will be asked to remain in the classroom until your child is three years of age in order to ensure we are compliant with provincial licensing ratio requirements.)

Three/four science program
• Children must be three on or before September 1, 2018.
• Children must be daytime toilet trained.
• This class is science focused. The children participate in a variety of experiments and investigations.

Four-year-old program
• Children must be four by March 1, 2019.
• Children must be daytime toilet trained.

Once a child begins a program, they stay in that program for the entire school year even if/when they have a birthday during the year. For example, if a child starts in the two-year-old program in September and turns three in February, the child remains in the two-year-old program until the end of the school year.

Tuition fees for 2018/19:

Monthly tuition fees are determined on a family basis by combining the number of classes attended by all the children in your family as follows:


In lieu of fundraising, the parents of Springhill Community Preschool have decided on a fundraising fee. The fee per child is $300 per year divided into two payments (October and February). Fundraising fees will be prorated if a child starts part way through the year and are not refunded once cashed (ie after October 1 or February 1).

Since Springhill is a co-operative, parents are essential to the operation of the preschool. Although there are no duty days, parents are required to:

  • Attend three General Meetings (usually September, January and June).

  • Fulfill a volunteer position (all volunteer roles are listed and summarized in the parent handbook).

  • Participate in two cleaning bees per year.

Subsidies are available through the Alberta Government for families who need financial assistance. Please visit the Alberta Children and Youth Services website for more information.


If you wish to withdraw your child, you must notify the registrar in writing at least one month in advance.
PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to drop a class/classes before classes begin in September, this request must be received before June 1, 2018.

Changes made after this date will result in a $50 change fee. For changes made to enrolment after September 1, 2019, notice of withdrawal must be received on or before the first of the month to be effective on the last day of that month. For example, notice must be given on or before March 1 to with draw a child as of March 31. If notice is given on March 2, the child would be considered withdrawn as of April 30. A student may continue to attend classes during the notice period.

Referral Special!

The board has decided to offer free registration (maximum $50 value) for any family that refers another family to Springhill for the upcoming school year. Once the new family has registered, the referring family will either be refunded their registration fee for 2018/19 or have the fee waived once they register. Please encourage your friends and family to consider Springhill Community Preschool for their children!

Ongoing Registration for 2018/19 year

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Is there any person to whom your child MUST NOT be released? Please email a photo of this person along with detailed information of the situation to Please note that your registration will not be considered complete until we receive this information.
In case of emergency, I grant permission to the teaching staff to take whatever steps may be deemed necessary to administer emergency first aid and/or obtain medical care for my child. I agree to cover the cost of an ambulance if one is deemed to be required.
I grant permission for my child, to leave the Springhill Community Preschool classrooms under the supervision of the teaching staff and within the Queen Alexandra School grounds and facilities.
I grant permission for the teaching staff to take photos of my child, and post those photos in the classrooms of Springhill Community Preschool.
The information you provide on this Registration Form will be made available to the teaching staff and Springhill Board of Directors. We also publish, from time to time, a class list for each program, including your child’s name and home number as well as your first name(s) and email address. Parents find the class list helps them learn each other’s names and enables them to get together socially.
If my child is awarded a spot at Springhill Community Preschool, I agree to pay the tuition and fundraising fees, participate in the Casino fundraiser, abide by Springhill Community Preschool’s policies, attend three Parent Meetings, fulfil a volunteer position and participate in two Cleaning Days.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated in the general registration information
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