Four- and five-year-old program


Tuesday, Friday afternoons; 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Maximum 16 children. Must be toilet trained. No exceptions.

The focus at this age emphasizes social and emotional development. Children are supported as they engage in cooperative play and develop friendship skills. Building a sense of community is an important aspect of our program.

Language development, math and literacy skills are key components as well as a focus on fine motor development.

Topics of study are identified based on the observed interests of the children. Children play a role in deciding the direction of the program.

Music, movement and fine arts are daily components of the program. Gross motor play, including outdoor play, is offered daily.

Also included is a cooking program where each child takes part in a weekly developmentally appropriate cooking experience. The cooking program teaches both gross and fine motor skills and helps children develop socially as concepts and ideas are discussed. Learning to follow directions and sequencing is also part of the program.

Springhill prepares your child for kindergarten by including children in "School Readiness" activities. The focus is on exposing children to concepts rather than emphasizing perfection. Concepts include recognizing alphabet letters, practicing proper pencil grip, using scissors properly and learning to print their name.