Learning all about farms - March 2019

Impromptu classroom picnic - February 2019

Edmonton Humane Society - November 2018

Aviation Museum - September 2018

Science: all about beaver dams

We had a science class where we discussed about beavers: where they live, what they eat, who is in their family, what do they do in winter.  The pictures show Elle reading a diagram of what a beaver dam looks like and Angus constructing it according to her direction.

Building week - 2017

This was a week of building.  We asked some questions that encouraged the children to engage in conversation surrounding this topic.

We asked who builds?  "Construction workers, Road workers"
What do they build?   "Houses, Roads, Parks, Hospitals, bridges"
The result of their answers are in the pictures!

Dinosaur exploration and egg hatching - 2017

Adventure Bus - October 2017

Renovation Update - Sept 2017

Springhill Community Preschool

Edmonton Humane Society - February 2017

Winter Social - February 2017

WEM Sea Life Caverns - November 2016

Adventure Bus - October 2016