About Us


Welcome to Springhill Community Preschool!

We are one of Edmonton's oldest parent-run childcare cooperatives. For more than 40 years we have offered programs based on the “learning through play” philosophy, taught by two fully qualified preschool teachers, creating a happy environment that stimulates a child's natural curiosity, growth, and development. Springhill operates within Queen Alexandra School and enjoys the additional benefits of a large gymnasium, library and outdoor playground. We are a non-profit, cooperative preschool managed by the parents of the children enrolled. We are licensed with Alberta Social Services and the City of Edmonton and therefore meet all existing building, health and fire regulations for childcare facilities.

At Springhill, children are provided with a wide range of opportunities to play with many different materials, in various settings, in the company of other children in a safe and secure environment. All of these activities allow Springhill children to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally – all at a pace and in ways that are suitable for each child. Our activity centres in the classroom include arts and crafts, books and puzzles, music and dress-up costumes, a playhouse, toys and theme activities, and a water and sand table. In our separate gross motor room, Springhill offers obstacle courses, tents and tunnels, a teeter-totter, a mini-trampoline, bikes and balls.

We live in a multicultural society, therefore, Springhill strives to create program experiences and celebrations that respect and honour the various traditions and cultures of our enrolled children.

Questions? Feel free to contact us for further information or to set-up a personal tour of the facility.