Located in Old Strathcona, Springhill Community Preschool is an Edmonton-based learning centre for children ages two through five. We work to create a happy "learning through play" environment, which stimulates a child's natural curiosity, growth, and development. Since opening our doors in 1970, Springhill has operated as a licensed, non-profit, cooperative preschool managed by a board of directors consisting of members of the parent body.

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Programs for children two to five years old
Springhill is one of the few preschools in Edmonton that offers programming for children as young as two years old. Even at this early age, your child can benefit from social and emotional interaction with children and adults other than their parents and siblings.

We are excited to announce that Springhill has introduced Intellidance® to our program since fall 2016. Pam MacTavish, a certified Intellidance® instructor, will be teaching movement and dance activities that enhance life-long learning and neural development for our preschoolers. Combining movement vocabulary and dance concepts, Intellidance® programs lay the foundation for lifelong physical literacy on and off the dance floor. You can learn more about Intellidance® here

Organic Snack Program
Springhill provides all the healthy nutritional and nut-free snacks to our preschoolers. Each snack consists of three food groups selected from a range of items such as fresh fruit, yogurt, bread and crackers, vegetables and cheese. The program helps to foster healthy eating habits.

No Duty Days
With programs co-taught by Level 3 teaching staff, Springhill is set-up to operate without parent duty days on a daily basis. Instead, parents are required to take on a volunteer role and information on all the various roles are provided in the Parent Handbook.

Field Trips
Unlike many other preschools, all field trip fees at Springhill are included in the tuition so no additional funds need to be paid. During the school year, seven field trips and experiences are planned for each age group.

Summer Camps
Springhill's summer camp program is filled with new and exciting activities for children two through five years old. It is a great way to introduce your children to our safe and fun programming.